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Thread: Breaking Bad Art Print ARG (Alternate Reality Game)

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    Default Breaking Bad Art Print ARG (Alternate Reality Game)

    Print 2's URL will be reviled tomorrow at 11PM PST at Ink Sack. 8360 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA.!/BertrandRustles/breaking-gifs

    Print 1. Daniel Danger for "Pilot"

    Print 2. Tom Whalen for Hector Salamanca

    Print 3. Anthony Petrie for Gus


    Print 4. Justin Santora for Wayfarer 515

    Print 5. Chris Delorenzo for Saul Goodman

    Print 6. Rhys Cooper for Jesse Pinkman

    Print 7. Jessica Deahl for Los Pollos Hermanos

    Print 8. Rich Kelly for The Mexican Shootout

    Print 9. Dave Perillo for Emilio's Disposal

    Print 10. Phantom City Creative for The Lily of the Valley

    Print 11. Jeff Boyes for The Cousins

    Print 12. Frank Kozik for Jane

    Print 13. Kevin Tong for Superlab

    Comic Con Release Print. Jermaine Rogers for Episode 5.01

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