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Thread: We have space for one more from the Bay Area!!!

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    Default Re: We have space for one more from the Bay Area!!!


    Where is Bay Area? When do you go at Indio!
    I'm French, and I will stay in Tustin (Orange County I think)!

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    Question Re: We have space for one more from the Bay Area!!!

    I'm looking for a ride for my best friend. I live in San Leandro, but she's flying in from TX. I totally dropped the ball, was supposed to take her to Indio, but I found out that I have orientation for school at the same time we were supposed to drive out there. Anyway, I'm sure she would pitch in for gas. was wondering when you plan on driving back, since she has to catch a plane back on sunday.Anywho, you can e-mail me if you still have extra room. my e-mail is,

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