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Thread: VANCOUVER BC-Moab-Coach-Van

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    Cool VANCOUVER BC-Moab-Coach-Van

    I will be leaving Coachella with my friend (a girl)Sun night or probably Mon morning, driving staight to Van. A little gas$ and good company would be cool. I am driving down as well but will probably leave about the 23rd to go to Moab to ride which is an option to join if interested. I have two great comfy vehicles. let me know Ricardo 604 880-2665

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    Hey dude, what would the conditions down there be like right now? I love riding and I could also use a ride to coachella because it looks as if my other plans are falling apart. E-mail me at if you think it might be cool. I'm an 18 year old male by the way, and I'd liek to think of myself as laid back

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