Shit, I backspaced and this whole post got erased...

So assuming there will be a 2013 presale in the near future, I want to decide now which weekend I am going to shoot for. I went to Weekend 1 this year and had a great time, so I'll probably go for that again.

W1 Cons
-Weather (mostly a non-issue; sounded like overcast/drizzle/winds in April are rare, and can't predict for next year anyway. I didn't mind, probably preferred it to W2 temps. Only downside was possibly affecting art, video screens, etc.)
-Kinks aren't "worked out" yet (from what I've read here about W2 it sounds like there were better performances, more campground amenities, smoother behind the scenes/festival in general. However despite the aforementioned video screens issue & the missing dinosaurs, I had a fantastic time W1.)
-Obviously, missing any special guests W2 i.e. John Fogerty w/ the Keys, etc. But that leads me to the Pro's...

W1 Pros
- It's Weekend MF'in 1. There's something special about being there the first weekend, when no one really knows what to expect. W2 may run more smoothly but it just wouldn't feel the same I'd imagine. That's the biggest plus to W1, to either weekend IMO.
- I suppose the fields will be in tip-top shape...?

Whether you went to W1 only or both weekends, whether you're going once or twice next year...let it be known whether you will be at W1 2013.