Did I see the word "politeness" in one of the blogs?? Are you kidding me? By 9 pm every night, everyone was so F'd up that people were shoving, pushing and blasting their way thru the crowd, knocking over anyone in their path. And litter? Holy shit! Does anyone care about throwing out their garbage? There were so many water bottles on the ground you could break an ankle at every step. People were just plain rude. And stoned. And drunk.

Now, the disabled part: I have to walk with a cane. I did not have an ADA bracelet and was not able to get one (what's that about?). So, I needed a ride back to the buses at the end of the night. For whatever reason, the crowd control made everyone walk about a mile, all around the grounds, to get to the buses. This made no sense to anyone because there was a direct route, but we weren't allowed to use it. Anyway, I needed a ride on one of the golf carts because I can't walk that far. So I went to the ADA booth (and why the hell was it so freaking FAR from the entrance? Yeah, thanks a lot for that) and asked how to go about arranging that. No prob they told me. Go to a security guard and they will radio us and a cart will be there in a minute to drive you to the bus. Well, no. That did not happen. I spoke to a guard, then another and another until I had been passed off to 10 of these idiots. Finally when the idiots were not looking, I went beyond the barricade to a woman who looked official. She turned out to be a supervisor and she got me a ride. That was only one night. The other two nights I had no such luck. Everything they told me to do, did not work. They lied thru their teeth and passed me off from one idiot to the other. I had to walk. No one helped me. I am still recovering from that.

So thanks a lot ADA for doing absolutely nothing, and screw you Coachella for your DISCRIMINATION AGAINST THE DISABLED. I ought to sue you for that. There are laws to protect the disabled. You did a miserable job.