I would like to fabricate and/or cast a birthday gift for my grandpa using bronze, brass, or silver. He doesn't carry cash, so no money clip. All his shirts have button cuffs, so no cufflinks. I want to give him the present in person while we're on a family vacation later this year, so nothing I can't take through international airline security (no letter opener). He's worn the same tie bar every day since 1972, so no tie pin. He's a lawyer. He plays golf. He reads the comics every Sunday, but he calls them "the funnies" like some kind of weird person who calls the comics the wrong thing. He doesn't know how to make a sandwich, but he still tries to carry your suitcase for you. He'll probably work every day until he dies sitting at his desk wearing a Lacoste cardigan and a pair of really unfortunate pants.

My only medium-okay idea so far is a set of golf ball markers, or possibly still making a letter opener and shipping it beforehand, but I feel like there's got to be something better and I'd really rather give it in person.

Are you fairly dignified except for some really unfortunate pants? Does the phrase "for tax reasons" come up in your conversation at least once a day? Do you still put quotation marks around the word "e-mail" in casual correspondence? For the love of God, please tell me what present you'd want.