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Thread: Squarepusher 2013

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    Default Re: Squarepusher 2013

    Squarepusher was Weak at hard. Whack "music" whack visuals
    Superfan will be in front of the Fonda masturbating furiously to a photo of him taking a photo of a band. Set is from 8:05 to approximately 8:05:15. Guest list only.

    Upcoming Shows: Spamalot (7/31), HARD (8/1) 2001 Space Odyssey with LA Phil (8/12), Opeth (10/18), TOOL (10/31), Coachella 2016 (WK1), David Gilmour (Wherever I need to go)

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    Default Re: Squarepusher 2013

    lets do it
    Stevie Wonder, Jurassic 5!!, Magnetic Man, Pogo, Tycho, Tears for Fears 2013

    Coach 06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13(1)
    Sasquatch 12
    Lolla 11(Chile)
    VOODOO 11
    Street Scene 07,08,09
    Rock the Bells 07

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    Default Re: Squarepusher 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by brando4n82 View Post
    Squarepusher was Weak at hard. Whack "music" whack visuals
    Were you waiting for the drop?

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    Default Re: Squarepusher 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    Shut Up Forever Almost All of You.

    Quote Originally Posted by captncrzy View Post
    The odds of a TH reunion are about the same as the odds of all you goddamn morons disappearing from here forever.

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    Default Re: Squarepusher 2013

    Caught a bit of his set at Hard. I hadn't really had any exposure to him prior. Very cool visuals, but some parts just seemed like...well, noise. As I was walking away from the main stage to head to Kill Frenzy (awesome, by the way), it sounded like he was producing bad feedback from a guitar amp for over a minute.

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