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Thread: Endorsing Shadow Hills RV Resort

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    Default Endorsing Shadow Hills RV Resort

    My first visit to Coachella is a success! (In this particular case, success is defined in large part of having made it home alive with all my digits still attached and having a wicked good time while there.) For future searchers wondering about Shadow Hills, I figured I'd give the resort a little shout-out.

    I get how "the kids these days" would want to be partaking in the on-site camping...I sure would have wanted to do that if I was south of 30 years old. Being north of 40, I definitely couldn't see myself suffering the heat all day, partying all night long, and then trying to sleep in the dust on a thermarest in a flimsy tent.

    Given that I was attending pretty much alone, I don't think that a hotel would be the best place for me either. I might meet some people around the pool or wherever, but I'm not sure if that would be the easiest place to make some new friends. Shadow Hills is a great mix of the two. I get the benefit of having my own air-conditioned space, but also the camaraderie from the variety of RV and tent campers that stay there.

    I didn't hang at the pool much, but it certainly was packed throughout the day, and again after the fest. On return on the shuttle (which is also a tremendous win) at the end of the night, the owners of the resort had the BBQ fired up to cook up grub for those needing late night snacks, the pool was open until 2 or 3 am, and plenty of people were up and having drinks, especially in the tent camping area.

    The average age of people staying there was probably around 30. Definitely some around 20, and some of us oldballs as well. The crowd was friendly, as you'd expect from a bunch of Coachella-goers, and plenty of good times were being had.

    It's definitely a quieter place. I was chatting with a couple of people who were helping out the owners who mentioned how they would really prefer to have more of us relaxed beer-drinking card players than Snoop-playing Jagerbomb partiers. So if you're intent on cranking up your tunes so it can be heard 12 RV spots down, this might not be the place for you. But I don't think you'd need to worry about being told to shush if you're mindful of those around you. Some of those I hung out with had plenty of loud tunes, just not cranked right up.

    To make a short post very long, I'm pretty pleased with Shadow Hills and imagine I'll return there when I come for my next Coachella, whenever that is. The 2012 price for RV camping was $75 a night for two people (add'l $25 a night for each add'l person), which seemed pretty good value to me. Not sure of the tent camping price, but it was less.

    tl;dr Shadow Hills good.

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    Default Re: Endorsing Shadow Hills RV Resort

    I concur. Shadow Hills was great. I car camped on site last year. I had no complaints and was prepared to do it again this year. After not being able to secure a camping pass for weekend 2, I stayed at Shadow Hills for 4 nights. For tent camping it was $25 per person, per night / per car camping spot / 4 night min. Shadow Hills was able to accomodate me at the last minute. I wish I had gotten there earlier thursday night to see where the shady spots were. There was a lake in the back that provided some shady places. There were people in the pool all the time having a good time, although it did get kinda yucky at the end of each day. They had a raffle on friday and saturday for festival wristbands as well as various schwag giveaways. there was a DJ playing poolside on friday and saturday but his music selection wasnt very good (Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac, really? 2 days in a row? ). I was able to get a shuttle pass for $50 last minute which was great to not have to drive. since it was 7 miles from the venue, getting there was pretty quick. and there was a steady flow of shuttles during the day. the other campers were definitely very respectful of the campgrounds although im not sure Shadow Hills gets that many people too often . there were enough showers to not have a line depending on when you showered. it was hot during the day. lots of shade on the patio but not many other places. it was pretty quiet at night after the festival. except at the clubhouse. the pool and hot tub were open till 3am. no one was ever obnoxiously blaring music. the only noise at night was the shuttles. There was food for sale but i brought my own. The staff was really nice. this was a much better alternative to having my car randomly ripped apart by overzealous security guards at the on site camping looking for illegal camping spikes and whatnot. everybody was drinking, didnt see too many people blazing other than myself keeping it on the DL. It was great to be able to come and go in your car if you wanted to just get away for a while. i drove out to downtown palm springs just to get away for a few hours on sunday. you cant do that at on site camping. there were outlets throughout to charge phones. I never locked my stuff up b/c everyday when i left for the festival at 4p, it was a ghost town and there were no random people lurking. and the staff were around monitoring cars coming and going at entrance/exit. i would definitely come here again. but i think i want to do a hotel or house share next year.

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