Weekend 2.

Early Sunday morning I couldn't sleep, so I stayed out on a bale of hay to watch the sunrise.
Then Chris from Stanford stumbled by and kept talking about wanting water and how the lights were like heaters.
While trying to get Chris to leave me alone, "Nina" and Pat walked by after just meeting 10 minutes before.
We all decided to stay together, since none of us could sleep and our friends were all knocked out.
We went to the Silent Disco and got to dance to the very last song before they closed at 6am.
On our way to finally go to Chris' lights, we got our picture taken in front of the Yellow Submarine by an Australian in gold pants,
and a character with neon animal print leggings and Christmas lights around his neck.
These two joined us as we walked upon the grass, still a little "buzzed" from the epic Saturday we all had.
We ended up at the bales of hay near the Store, where we sat and watched the sunrise.
We talked about each other, Australia, Coachella, drugs, pb & j's, and how we all really liked each other.

If you're reading, I'm trying to get a hold of you, dammit!
Chris .5, Pat and The Stolen Water Gun, Simon From Down Under, and "Radio" From Rodando Beach

And good luck to those who are also looking for people you encountered at Coachella.