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Thread: Why all the confusion with security?

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    Default Why all the confusion with security?

    Don't these idiots go through ANY training before the festival? After reading about all the problems with metal tent stakes not being allowed in for Weekend 1, I bought some plastic ones. The guy searching my car found them and said,

    "Nope, can't have these."


    "You could stab someone with these, they're sharp... no sharp objects allowed."

    How am I supposed to stake my shade structure down?

    "Not with these."

    So we argued a bit and one of the other searchers went to get a supervisor who immediately said, "Tent stakes are fine." So then the first guy keeps looking and says,

    "Do you have any tools?"

    Yes, a hammer for pounding in my stakes.

    He gave me a look and said, "I don't know if they're going to let you take that in."

    Who isn't? Aren't you that person who decides what I can take in or is there another checkpoint?

    "No, I guess it's ok."

    How can it be that the security guards specifically assigned to car searches don't know that tent stakes are ok?


    Then later at the checkpoint into the festival grounds, I was emptying my backpack and the security guy there saw my ballpoint pen. Same thing as the stakes, he says,

    "You can't have that"

    I looked and couldn't tell what he was talking about. I said, "What the pen?"

    "Yeah, you can't take that in. You could stab someone with it."

    WHAT? I could stab someone with my car keys, or my sunglasses too!

    I just threw it away, I mean it's a pen. But nowhere in the Do's and Dont's does it say no pens. No markers. Of course pens are allowed, my wife had one beside me at the other table and there was no problem there. And then there's stuff on the list like camelbacks and umbrellas that are supposed no-no's that I saw EVERYWHERE. Is it really so hard to enforce simple rules? Christ, an umbrella is more of a weapon than my pen.
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