Monday morning, Weekend 1 I look around my camp and I notice my neighbors had all mostly left.

The guys behind me had left most of their camp behind... they had been jerks. When we arrived we asked them if they could lend us the instructions to their carport (we had the same one, and our instructions got lost in travel). They said no, and also didn't want to help us figure it out... so I said fuck them and walked into their camp to look at the carport and how it was assembled. Figured it out, went back to put it together.

Friday night we come back to camp... our camp is just as we left it, except for a tear in the carport canopy. Ours had been horizontal, following the length of the 10x30 spot. They put theirs across both their camping spots vertically. It seems to have caught the wind, and it twisted it to shit.

So after the weekend was over, they ditched camping chairs and the "ruined" carport. So being a Burner, I never pass up materials that can be re-purposed. They had a brand new canopy on the carport, to replace mine with the small tear (which can be mended anyway). And analyzing their pipes, saw only two support pipes were bent until they broke. The rest was mostly intact. So I grabbed up about 90% of a full new carport.

Now I can replace the broken pieces and have two carports, plus a 10x10 Canopy I also have to cover my camp, or I can use the parts to extend my Carport another 10 or 20 feet. In an I or L shape. Plus more camping chairs than I'll ever need.

I almost went around picking up more gear, but the pickup truck I rented was already packed up to the brim.

Anyone pick up anything useful at the camp grounds like this?