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Thread: Lost items Weekend 2

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    Default Lost items Weekend 2

    Hi there,
    I thought I make one thread for people who lost their stuff over the weekend. If you lost it, you can write what you lost and hopefully some people who found other things can post here as well. Here's what I lost...

    Hi Everyone,
    I lost my silver Canon PowerShort ELPH 300 camera ( on Sunday and I'm hoping Will, Ashley, Jessica or any other people who were camping on South 152nd St in Lot 7 saw it before they left I believe I had it with me when I came back to the camping site little after Dre & Snoop started. It has pictures/videos from the whole weekend so I would greatly appreciate it if SF/Bay area lovely people I met would see this! Please PM me or email me at if you do find it.


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    i lost my brown bi-fold wallet. has the name of michael tellman in it, credit cards, insurance card, everything. please let me know if you have heard of anything

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    Default Re: Lost items Weekend 2

    Lost a fitted LA Dodgers Cap size 7-3/4. Must have left it on the ground before At The Drive In...oops!

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    lost my brand new prescription glasses. black plastic frames. Being blind the whole weekend really sucked. help?

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    I Lost all of my marbles.

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