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Thread: Lost PM Productions pocket watch.

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    Default Lost PM Productions pocket watch.

    I know you all hate these threads.

    but I gave my brother a very precious pocket watch that i've had for nearly 10 years. the front part is broken off, it's silver and in the back it has "PM Productions" engraved on it. it was a present from my dad rewarding me for attempting to start my own video/photo production company.

    My father gave me this watch 10 years ago. and i've kept it on my person every single day for the last 10 years. my brother asked me to borrow it for a set since he needed to know the time and then lost it -__-

    i was pretty upset... to say the least.

    so.. if anyone found it, i would really appreciate seeing it again.

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    Default Re: Lost PM Productions pocket watch.

    Sorry to hear it sir

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