Yes, I know this is in the Line Up/Artists section, but this part of the boards contains the most idiocy.

Here are some helpful tips for the idiots making so many retarded threads:

Are you a lurker?
Yes, everyone has to start somewhere! ---> Don't make any new threads.
No, I'm what one would call a seasoned veteran! ---> Proceed to next part.

Do you want to make a new thread?
Yes, I feel like I have something to say that would contribute to the riveting discussion of the boards! ---> Chances are, you don't have anything intelligent to say. Don't make a new thread.
No, not really. ---> Smart move.

But RedHot, I REALLY think that the forum NEEDS another thread complaining about Radiohead, or about how awful the EDM lineup was!!
Option 1 ---> Go play in traffic.
Option 2 ---> Die of cocks.
Option 3 ---> Go listen to Skrillex bro, and shut the fuck up.

Simple as that.