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Thread: The Official 2013 Wishlist Thread.

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    Default Re: The Official 2013 Wishlist Thread.

    Silversun Pickups. Please.

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    Default Re: The Official 2013 Wishlist Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbytripp13 View Post
    Daft Punk
    Nine Inch Nails
    Rage Against The Machine
    Roger Waters performing The Wall
    Watch The Throne
    The Rolling Stones
    (any combination of these would be amazing but only 2 cuz i feel like one of the headliners will definitely be RHCP, Muse, Coldplay, Beyonce or Lady Gaga)
    ludicrous. just... wrong.
    edit: not your *HEADLINERS*, but your "definites."

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheddar's Cousin View Post
    Time for some Bad Brains!
    i can see this happeinng

    Quote Originally Posted by scenicworld View Post
    MS MR please
    They have a show on the 22nd at the echo but I wouldn't mind seeing them in the gobi, early friday.
    which means more likely than not.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aremar2k2 View Post
    Silversun Pickups. Please.
    no, please.
    st. vincent ● glass animals ● perfume genius ● kasabian ● swans ● the war on drugs
    azealia banks ● lykke li ● sylvan esso ● the ghost of a saber tooth tiger ● todd terje and the olsens
    kimbra ● chet faker ● stromae ● florence and the machine ● yelle ● gesaffelstein

    wishlist, still: wishlist, still: missy elliot●oingo boingo●talking heads●grace jones●george clinton●fiona apple
    sweat.x●jamiroquai●space●hooverphonic●los fabulosos cadillacs●la santa cecilia

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