So now that both weekends are over (Weekend Oner Here), I think it would be useful to figure out the general opinion of a two weekend Coachella.

What do you all think of the two weekend system?

From my friends I've gathered so far that Weekend One was where everyone got to experience the surprises and extravagance of coachella at a much more reasonable temperature (except the first Friday, nips cold). There was a few kinks and things that were missing, almost a trial-run of Coachella for weekend two.

Weekend two had more art, all the kinks worked out, but all the surprises were ruined (except a few that were changed) and the grounds felt trodden on. The heat was extreme (although this is part of Coachella that I missed), and all the kinks had been worked out, fixing the missed extravagance.

In my opinion? I'm glad more people can experience Coachella, but this Weekend One/Weekend Two thing is complete bullshit. I felt cheated and that I maybe got 3/4ths of the Coachella experience since I only went one weekend, and it would take going both to get the full experience. It splits the magnificence, extravagance and immensity of Coachella into two. And I'm sure that if I went Weekend 2 instead I would've felt the same way.

It also brings up this whole 'weekend elitism' about which weekend was better, and it also stops me from sharing my experiences with half my friends since they saw a different show then I did.

In the end, both weekends had their highlights, both weekends were fucking awesome and people had fun; but I still felt that each weekend didn't have all the effort Coachella usually puts into it's festival. So next year it will be both weekends (somehow), but this year was definitely marked as a disappointment only because it felt like Halfochella.

- Coachella Goer for 5 Years.