GOOOOOOD MORNING COACHELLIANS!!! I hope everyone is having a good time this weekend. Let me start off by saying I am here for you if you need a ride during your stay in the Coachella valley.... < (shameless plug... sorta)

Now to the business. I am "considering" leasing a shuttle bus ( one way, one time) to help the LAXers back to the airport on Monday morning April 23.... If this is something you would be interested in, please message me here with some basic information.

1. Date and time of your flight at LAX
2. Number of people in party.
3. Level of interest: Definatly, maybe, get screwed
4. What you consider to be a fair pitch in. (I am not trying to make bank here, occupancy will be limited and I need to make sure I can cover my costs. Max number of passengers is 9.
5. Your preferred method on contact. IE: MSG board, TXT or VOICE. (supply contact info duh.)

IF we do this, the faster you respond the higher up on the list you will be, I will stay in contact and let you know by tomorrow night, April 22 5:00pm "ish" on decision.

I will accept PAYPAL for this offer.

I can also offer a ride to the Indio Greyhound station or Palm Springs Airport if needed.

Thank you for your time, enjoy, party, and HYDRATE PEOPLE HYDRATE!!!