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Thread: The Hungover at Work Thread

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    Angry The Hungover at Work Thread

    I went out last night... Played some pool, got together with some friends. I had three MGD's and two Jager-bombs... It was a pretty tame night, actually. I got to sleep early at 11pm.

    I had to wake up at 5am for work, as usual. I am now hungover.

    I feel like I'm getting old. Thank God for coffee, aspirin, and Klonopin.
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    Default Re: The Hungover at Work Thread

    I feel your pain. Margaritas got out of hand last night... I also have to wake up at 5am. Thank God for crappy Circle K coffee, or I wouldn't have even made it here this morning.

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    you are getting old.....i started going out at 11....had 3 redheaded sluts...2 flying russians (goose and redbull) and a pierced nipple without the shake (dont ask). Went to home at about 3:30 cos i was bored at Cheers....came home started to watch sleepless in seatle and feel asleep...woke up at 6 am for work and here i am feeling better than the day before
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    Default Re: The Hungover at Work Thread

    i'm feeling slow today too....a few pints, quick doobie and my brain's lethargic this morning...
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