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Thread: Hide Yo D-Rugs Hide Yo Kids!

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    Default Re: Hide Yo D-Rugs Hide Yo Kids!

    You would want to go to the woods then, Coachella is not the place for anti-conformist

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    Default Re: Hide Yo D-Rugs Hide Yo Kids!

    Zero rebellion happens when you pay a corporation a wheelbarrow full of money to be on their property for three days and drug yourself for the duration of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by pachucasunrise View Post
    Thought this said Of Mice & Men. Now THAT'S a scary thought...
    Quote Originally Posted by iantmcfarland View Post
    Just don't schedule them anywhere near White Rabbits.

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    Default Re: Hide Yo D-Rugs Hide Yo Kids!

    Quote Originally Posted by SJisLovingCoachella20 View Post
    This is the entire reason I want to go, and am going to Coachella. I just want to go to a place where I don't have to conform to the everyday bs this society puts us through.
    yeah maaaaaaaaaaan!!!! occupy coachella!!!

    September 17 - Melvins
    September 20 - Wolves In The Throne Room
    September 21 - Kanye West
    September 23 - Cattle Decapitation
    September 30-October 2 - ACL wk.1
    October 7 - ACL wk.2
    October 11 - Failure
    November 6 - Sia
    November 12 - Black Sabbath

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