Security fuckin sucks balls this year...just found out my friend got their wristband snapped off BEFORE getting into the camping area because security found a weed roller in their camping shit. I just got back from weekend one and my campsite got raided, along with another friends whose got raided for smoking a blunt...later to find the camping manager snorting lines with some of his buddies. First off, you should have the privacy you pay for in your own camping area...there are way more security/cop cars roaming around than ever before which is totally unnecessary. Cut those fkn costs and give us more showers and sinks like we had last year. Coachella just isn't the same anymore, this should be a sacred place where you know you can experience a safe, responsible psychedelic journey w/o having to worry about driving or any other responsibilities. I realize drugs aren't necessary for a great time at a music and arts festival but you're only young once and the desert is the perfect place to be out of your element and experience a wild, trippy time...something you can't get back at home. I'm gonna have to find a new festival to call home because as a third year attendee of Coachella I'll probably have to call it last-Chella with how lame the security is and how commercialized the entire festival is.