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  • Black Keys

    9 3.95%
  • Radiohead

    99 43.42%
  • Dr Dre and Snoop

    107 46.93%
  • I didn't see any or all of the headliners.

    13 5.70%
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    Quote Originally Posted by nosurprises12 View Post
    ^ You're right about the crowd reaction for Dre/Snoop, but I felt the energy was completely drained when Dre went off stage and all the guests started coming out - I thought it was billed as Dre & Snoop, not Snoop feat. Dre and Friends.

    I always chuckle when I hear this criticism. 99% of Dr. Dre songs have other rappers on them. That set would have been mediocre without guests.

    EDIT* Sorry, but when I hear people complain about guest rappers it leads me to believe that the person isn't very familiar with Dr. Dre or the music he creates/produces.
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    speculation strikes again.

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