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Thread: car camping urgent question!

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    Default car camping urgent question!

    i have two passes bought separately and one of them comes with the car camping pass one doesn't. i've mixed them up. and we are arriving separately but the first one
    who arrives needs to have the car camping pass to set up camp. how do i tell which one is which?

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    As far as anyone I've talked to could tell, this wasn't actually enforced last weekend.

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    We had a friend transfer her car camping over to us at will call (which was fine). When they checked in our cars they scanned our wristbands, then when they scanned the car camping pass they called over a supervisor and they asked us who the car camping was registered to. So I think they actually do check that you are the person who registered it. However we just told them the person's name and explained the will call situation and they were fine with it.

    If you're super-duper worried, photocopy the ID of the person who registered the car spot and sign a letter explaining the situation and giving you permission to use it, just in case. I'm sure you'll be fine though.
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