weekend 2
so i was going to go w/ 4 other friends but their tix were stolen by a shady receptionist and now im lost as where am i going to stay for the wknd. (not enough $ for hotel)
i have a roomy 4 person tent, my own sleeping bag, a small 4 door pickup truck (fits 5), ice chest (love beer) but i dont have a car camping pass or companion pass. so i need to hook up w/ someone who has either passes and let me camp w/ ya'll onsite.
im super chill mellow guy and dont mind to the party crowds or just relaxing....might even bring green man out (Sunny in Philly joke)
wiling to pitch in for the cost of the pass and share my tent. i also will be leaving thursday night from CSUF (orange county, fullerton) anytime after 2pm, which Indio is only 2 hours away and am willing to give free carpool rides if you can help out in any way. no gas $ needed. just barter

any help would be great. email me directly or msg me. thnx