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Thread: Bring a sarong this weekend to keep you cool!

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    Cool Bring a sarong this weekend to keep you cool!

    Hey gang, week one was off the hook. Our sarongs really came in handy. Especially our California tie-dye sarong- huge hit.

    I recommend you all bring a sarong for weekend two. I know it's going to be really hot which is great for a sarong. I would soak the sarong with water and keep it over my head throughout the day. It also prevents you from getting a sunburn. You can also use it for shade or to lay on the grassy polo fields.

    Visit my blog post for more info on how we used our sarongs. We have lots of pictures as well!

    Any sarong, half sarong, mini wrap, or piece of fabric will definitely come in handy!!!

    Happy Coachella Weekend Two!
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