We are well over 30 and I actually saw quite a few older people there. I do have to say that dealing with the sometimes heavy handed security makes us not want to come back next year though. It seems a bit incongruous to pay so much, to travel so far, and then be treated as though I am attempting to do something exceedingly criminal....seriously a bummer! We had one guy take everything out of our bags, check the pockets of the clothing, examine every single thing in the vehicle like we were mad terrorists and of course there was nothing to find to begin with but I pitied the people in his line because it was going to be ugly for someone for sure. I think in the future we will spend our money and time at festivals where security is not such a huge presence as it is at Coachella. Sad to say it but 2012 may have been our last Coachella:-( Love the music, love the people, but I don't think getting manhandled and scrutinized so hard is really very much fun when all I am trying to do is enjoy the music, weather and all the lovely Coachella goer's.