Weekend one was my first time at Coachella, I'm 30. I felt like I may as well have been 70. On Friday night a girl in her twenties asked me who I was excited to see. This was strange because anyone else in the younger crowd who I started conversations with ignored me. When I answered, "radiohead," she said, "Yeah, a lot of people in your age group are really excited about radiohead." Bummed. me. out.

Then I come home and read articles that basically tell me I'm too old for Coachella. But if I don't go, then who will show up to Pulp and the like? I feel like Coachella is sending me mixed messages by enticing me with bands "my age group gets excited about." I was warned about the "bros" before I went, but I could not actually fathom the awfulness of them as a whole.

It's not even that I'm jealous of their youth, I'm only 30 which means I don't even know that I'm 30. I'm glad they are young and carefree, but fuuuuu...I am planning on going next year, I had an amazing time. I AM supposed to be there...right?