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Thread: Best Crowds of Coachella 2012

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    1 set stands out for me more than any other performance i saw: KASABIAN

    they whipped the crown into a mega frenzy.

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    Default Re: Best Crowds of Coachella 2012

    Everyone was amazing besides Black Keys crowd. That was a joke.

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    Santigold and Modeselektor, both amazing for different reasons
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    but dude, these guys are talking about wizards piss, they're already in danger mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustSteve View Post
    Kasabian appeared to have an amazing crowd from the front, everyone rocking out. noel gallagher claimed it was the best set he's ever seen of theirs and they def. seemed to be feeding off of our energy.

    just check it, especially starting at 2 minutes in:
    Yes. Absolutey. They were rockstars and the crwd fed off it.

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    The Rapture, sooo good! Honorable mention to Housse de Racket - For a very small Gobi crowd at 1 pm on Sunday, they had everyone there dancing and smiling - much harder to do than a prime time slot on Friday night.
    The crowd at Justice was extremely amped up and *really* patient. When they finally started, everyone went fucking ballistic.
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