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    Default St. Vincent

    So glad I caught the end of her set!

    Seeing her crowd surf while performing this new song def made me fall in love a bit.

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    Default Re: St. Vincent

    didnt really know much about her before the set, but she really brings it live and the crowd surfing was awesome.

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    I caught the whole set and it was fucking awesome. I was in that tent for fIREHOSE, The Buzzcocks, Laura Marling, and her all in a row (not a camper, just a coincidence that I wanted to see all 4 and they were in the same tent) and while I enjoyed all of them St. Vincent's set was far and away the highlight of that block. If it wasn't for Feist and Godspeed You I would call her best of the day Saturday easy, but with that competition it's a lot harder to call.

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    St. Vincent was probably my fave set Saturday. She was amazing.
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    Agreed! After Tupac, she was my highlight!

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    very bummed I missed it, chose Shins/FlyLo over St.Vincent/Feist. Don't regret the choice, I've had a lot emotionally invested in The Shins' music. Gotten me through some tough times

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    No other set made me smile more than this one. They were truly special

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    My third time seeing her and she was in top form. Did anyone else think the bass was way too loud though? Maybe that was just the case right up front.

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    I saw the last 20 minutes of her set, because I wanted to catch all of Squeeze. My wife had a decent spot up front, and got to see St. Vincent's whole set. She took some great photos, including this one...


    Surprisingly, this is the first time we've separated at Coachella, after going for 7 years in a row. I just wasn't going to miss Squeeze for anything.

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