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Thread: Getting out of campgrounds

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    Default Getting out of campgrounds

    Did anyone who went the first weekend have difficulty getting out of the car camping area around midnight on Sunday? I have an early morning flight on Monday, so I would obviously prefer to get out ASAP. Experiences?

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    It was mentioned by a few people that security did not allow any cars to leave Camping while the Day Parking traffic was exiting. Not sure of the exact hours - anybody?

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    I saw the same question in another thread, a few people said they weren't allowed to leave till 2am. I was not there and have no idea, just what I think I read the other day.

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    They were letting people leave at a little after 2 am. I left at 3 and hit no traffic whatsoever.

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    10 to 2 is the curfew, I was told by security people. Left Lot 5 at about 9:50 on Sunday.
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    Default Re: Getting out of campgrounds

    The car campground lock down was from 10 pm to 2 am sunday night or at least thats what the sign said when entering the festival sunday. Saw several cars trying to leave after dre and snoop and security made you stop and park your car in the middle of the road. That was around 1230 am? Not sure if the lock down was enforced until 2 am or not. I would suggest if you MUST leave after dre/snoop just leave the campgrounds early sunday and go park in day parking.
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    Lockdown is enforced from 10pm to 2am. I packed up this year and parked in day parking so that I could leave after the last show. It worked out well

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