Hi fellow coachellers, I just got back from the first weekend of coachella and I lost my camera. I was walking through security and put my camera down on the table when showing my bag. Unfortunately the security guard next to me in the other line picked it up and asked the person she was checking if it was his camera. He said no, but thought it was his friend's Will. He had blonde spiky hair (from what she tells me). This camera means a great amount to me as it has all of my pics of my first coachella experience w/ my girlfriend as well as my burning man pictures. Please return my camera to me or at the very least return my memory card. You will receive mad karma points if you do. Thanks!

I will of course pay shipping as well as $100 reward - no questions asked.

p.s. I checked lost & found twice before i left and no luck. Hoping theres a chance the person who took my camera reads this and returns my stuff... (crosses fingers)