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    Default Girl Talk?

    How was his set/how was the crowd?
    Anything besides predictable?

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    Default Re: Girl Talk?

    Predictable, but a good time anyway. The crowd was dancing and singing from the front of the stage to the food court spanning to the Do lab.

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    Default Re: Girl Talk?

    I only caught the end because my girlfriend wanted to get some food (and we were all the way @Justice). However when we were sitting listening to his last few songs he closed with the theme from Jurassic Park! As a huge fan of the movie it was unbelievably epic hearing that over the gigantic sound system! So amazing haha!

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    I really enjoyed this set. First time to see him live. He had a stage full of people dancing throughout the set and the crowd was really into it. Glad I bailed on Justice after waiting 15 minutes for them to start.
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    Default Re: Girl Talk?

    Girl Talk was awesome, fun, and hilarious !!!! I mean come on the guy mixes the Morongo jingle in the middle of his set as to send a shout out to the locals!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Girl Talk?

    i was offended it was so bad, it was the EXACT same set hes been doing for like 2 years now, I was looking forward to a non inspiring but nonetheless good time, but couldnt believe he didnt atleast tweak his mix at all
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    Default Re: Girl Talk?

    You already know if you are going to like it or not. I disagree with brycerosen, there were several new mashups from songs that have only been out for a couple months, so it can't be the same set from the past two years. Confetti storms every other song, inflatable things bouncing around the crowd, Jurassic Park theme music on the outro, 50 people on stage, and M83 mixed with Rack City. You're either going to love it or hate it, but I had a blast.

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    Default Re: Girl Talk?

    Are these mashup sets liked ironically in a hipster way? I dont get the appeal. Oh and stop making a fucking mess litterbugs.

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    Default Re: Girl Talk?

    Quote Originally Posted by elChurro View Post
    Are these mashup sets liked ironically in a hipster way? I dont get the appeal. Oh and stop making a fucking mess litterbugs.
    Can't tell if srs...

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    Default Re: Girl Talk?

    Yeah, I'd never seen him before and wanted a fun dance party and that's exactly what I got. Agree that you already know whether you're going to like it or not and for what it is (fun) it is SUPER fun 577821_3479660081673_1576416792_2714994_1845148773_n.jpg

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    Default Re: Girl Talk?

    Here's my video... It was fucking sick. I'm sure if you've heard it before then it wasn't special, but it was a damn good time for everyone that was there.

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    Default Re: Girl Talk?

    Anyone have a video of the Jurassic Park ending song?

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    Default Re: Girl Talk?

    I enjoyed it. I was sore from walking the festival for three days, but after five minutes, I couldn't help myself and danced, danced, danced. Too bad it didn't have the same effect on the Hoff.
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    I enjoyed sitting about 200 feet away from the stage, eating my dinner, while being run over by a brochella stampede as this set was starting.

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