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    Beauty was everywhere on Sunday.

    So yeah by Sunday I was seriously dragging but still made it in to the polo grounds to catch Fanfarlo in the Gobi. If Okkervil River and the National got married and had kids and taught them to play Arcade Fire songs, they'd be called Fanfarlo. The kids would, I mean. Enjoyable, pleasant, and skillful songs that might seem a little bit derivative but maybe they've got the talent to grow into their own space in the future.

    Housse da Racket are a 2-piece band from France featuring guitar, drums, keyboards, percussion, bass, and horns. They were ok, sounding more than a little bit like the poppiest bits of Talking Heads in places. Which is not a bad thing. But man. That view on Sunday afternoon out the back of the Gobi. The polo grounds in the sunshine, the artwork, and the gleaming snow on the mountains behind. It was just such stunning beauty, I kept making people turn around and look at it. Look at that! Don't you see that! Look at how fucking amazing that is! Don't you get how fucking amazing it is to be here? Don't you?

    First Aid Kit was another one of my very highly anticipated acts of the weekend and they exceeded expectations by a lot. I really don't think I can remember ever hearing vocal harmonies of that quality and beauty and perfection at Coachella before. Their set was just about perfect and I will never forget it. Beautiful and moving and great. One of the real highlights of the weekend.

    Rushed to meet with friends and sit in the sun for Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, who were really fun but I thought they should have been louder. That kind of music just needs to surround you and envelope you and make you feel like you are inside of it, but it wasn't loud enough to do that in my opinion. But it was fun nonetheless and I might have danced a bit. Sunday was quite a bit warmer than the previous two days and the women were dressed accordingly, dancing to the afrobeats in the warm sunshine. Beauty was everywhere on Sunday.

    Was gonna go to Real Estate but these evil people made me go have beer with them instead and from what I hear about RE it is just as well. Made it to the Growlers for part of their set and enjoyed it esp the sort of ringing echo guitar tone. Then I met some more people for beer and we talked and had fun and got excited for Wild Flag.

    Wild Flag were really rocking, really great. Carrie Brownstein deserves a lot more recognition for her guitar playing. She's better known for a goofy TV show than she is for being a truly great rock and roll guitarist. I wonder if this is some sort of inherent sexism in how Rock views the role of women in bands? Or is that just a relic of the Classic Rock ages and do people really not carry gender biases with them anymore when they think about guitar players? Do people - men and women alike - objectify women in that setting and expect them to be beautiful and sexy first and rocking and great second if at all? I think that could be an interesting topic of discussion. Also, Carrie B is fucking hot.

    Was gonna go watch the Hives but caught them from the beer garden instead and sat and chatted with friends including a real board oldtimer who I've not seen in years (hi ally!). All I remember about the Hives was that "Main Offender" sounded pretty good which is really all I wanted to hear anyway. But on Sunday at Coachella sometimes hanging out with friends is more important. You people are beautiful and I am lucky to have met you all.

    I went to the Heineken dome because Cara told me to but I couldnt' find anyone and man I was a fish out of water in that place. It's creepy to even think of it now.

    Beirut were so great. I've been a fan for years but never seen them live before. Those horns.. damn they were so great. So beautiful. At times I was almost overcome by it. In fact the sheer beauty of it all inspired me to give MJA a big manhug when I met him. I know he appreciated that, and I hope people can think hard about what they heard there. This is a gift of beauty. Admire it and appreciate it.

    I had promised people they would see me at Modeselektor but I was having a beer or two with beautiful friends and missed the start of it then it was like, eh, I'm tired, so I was out by 10:30.

    Next year.
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