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    Default Pedestrian access--here's the thing

    Nice to have pedestrian access mapped out this year.

    However, it should be noted that the areas between Avenues 52 and 48 on Madison, and Avenue 49 between Madison and Monroe (where we were forced to go) were NOT closed off to traffic. I expected Madison to be open to traffic (there's a large sidewalk and a bike path for pedestrians, after all) but Avenue 49 was, once again, incredibly dangerous to ride or walk on. It's a narrow two lane road with narrow sandy dirt paths. Not safe at all for bike riding and not really all that safe for walkers either. Unfortunately for us, our house is on Avenue 49 between Monroe and Jackson, so we had to take Avenue 49 to Madison and then backtrack to the entrance/bike area--no other way around it.

    Not to mention the fact that even up through last night, many security staffers had absolutely no idea 1) where the bike rack was, 2) where the bike path was, and 3) where pedestrians were supposed to be able to enter and exit. Cara has a horrible story about her walk in on Sunday that I'll let her tell. Totally expected it to happen on Friday, but not on Sunday night.

    I'm willing to pay for hookers to blow the city chief of police and all of the city councilmembers to get a dedicated, closed-to-traffic pedestrian access. In the meantime, bikers should be aware of this for this next weekend.
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