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Thread: Showers at the Campground

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    weekend 1 and never waited more than a few minutes. | | facebook | twitter
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    Showers were fine for weekend two. I was using the Lot 8 showers. All weekend except for Sunday because two of the male trailers went down. The wait was no more than 10 minutes though. I think two of the female trailers also went down. VIP Showers were pointless. I went into the showers after the show on Friday expecting it to be freezing cold, but hot water was readily available. The cold shower was still nice though.

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    Oh yeah i totally forgot to mention, on the third day (W1) there was a huge line for the girls shower and none for the boys. When we were walking out, we heard the guys working there talking about how some camper had stolen a men's sign, put it on top of the women's sign, and successfully converted a girl's trailer into a guy's one. I don't know how the fuck he managed to pull that off, pretty dickish and yet hilarious at the same time. They had it sorted out when we left and the girl's line was gone.
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    I didn't plan on showering at Coachellla (brought lots of wipes), but I ended up buying a towel at the General Store and showering each night after the festival ended and it was magical.

    No lines in lot 10 and hardly anyone there. Felt great to step out clean in the cooler air at 2 AM and not be sweating profusely (at least til the sun came up again).

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    first timer (first post too), bought a towel on thursday and showered all 3 days after. no more than 10-15min wait by lot 10. pretty good experience

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    I was prepared to not shower this past weekend because I heard about how shitty the lines (and the showers) were. But taking that shower every morning was glorious.
    The ladies showers weren't as bad as I expected & I survived the lines. VIP is so not worth the wait. Why do you need to use a blow dryer when walking back to your campsite is enough to dry your hair? Also, no one gives a fuck what you look like the morning after a crazy night, which is the best part.

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