What did everybody think for weekend 1?

I was in lot 7 & they didn't open up the showers until 8 am. They were quick to charge $10 for VIP showers though, not sure if that was just getting pocketed by the security. Lot 10 had 24 hour showers but if you wanted to shower in the morning it was a looong horrible wait. There was some guy in lot 7 regulating how long of a shower we took - i waited 2 hours for a shower and I was allowed a 5 minute shower. Great times.

Why not just open up all of the showers at 6am so those of us who are up early can shower without having to wait forever?

Seems like the shower situation changes every year. I know in '10 it was a total cluster fuck with all of the showers in the same location, but this year seemed worse than last year which seemed like was an improvement - maybe it's because there were less showers available this year? I liked it in 05-09 when all of the showers were along the perimeter of the campgrounds. much easier, but of course that was before car camping.

don't know the figures but it seemed like there were less of those porta showers overall this year.