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Thread: Livingroom and Ride available for 1 person

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    Lightbulb Livingroom and Ride available for 1 person

    We are renting out a house 5 miles away near 52nd and Tyler st. (near Harrison St)

    our friend that was staying with us had to cancel so we have room for 2. were taking a room but the living room is available.

    I can also offer a ride from Los Angeles area ( Culver,SM, WestLA area) and anywhere near the I-10 freeway

    We are leaving out there on Friday morning very early and returning after the show on sunday.

    PM meee
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    Default Re: Livingroom and Ride available for 1 person

    Got a few pms but haven't confirmed with anyone

    Edit: the livingroom is for 2 people and I got one seat open in my car sry for not being specific so a couple would be fine as well if you can drive there

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