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Thread: A question about Weekend 2

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    Default A question about Weekend 2

    Is there somewhere in the festival or nearby where I could catch the soccer game between Barcelona and Real Madrid on the Saturday of Weekend 2? I think the game kicks off around 11am PT

    Grateful for any genuine advice. Please save your opinions of soccer or my lifestyle choices to another time...


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    Default Re: A question about Weekend 2

    I was wondering the exact same thing. Hala Madrid!
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    Default Re: A question about Weekend 2

    haha amazing thread! Although I'm a Barca fan....go Messi!

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    Help me decide what to wear to the show I'm going to tonight, everyone. I'll post pics of my six different potential outfits in a second.
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    Default Re: A question about Weekend 2

    You sir have read my fucking mind. Last year some dude managed to stream some sports on a wireless connection on his laptop. If I see someone around with one, I'll let you know but it's probably fair to say that wont likely happen.
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    Default Re: A question about Weekend 2

    I was wondering the same question myself. I will be wearing a Chelsea Away jersey, would be nice if the game was on somewhere

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    Default Re: A question about Weekend 2

    There was a sports bar inside the front gates last year. Mostly basketball last year, but you could ask them if they have the game.....

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    Default Re: A question about Weekend 2

    Quote Originally Posted by skavenbrew View Post
    There was a sports bar inside the front gates last year. Mostly basketball last year, but you could ask them if they have the game.....
    Yes, it's the Cantina, and it's there again. I imagine that would be the place to do it!

    You can also eat breakfast, have bloody marys, and play pool there.
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    Default Re: A question about Weekend 2

    In the past, the wifi signal wasnt strong enough to support everyone using the connection, at least on my phone. They said it would improve a lot this year. Here are some mobile/laptop options to stream the game. I am able to watch most every match while I am at work, with my regular mobile network. I hope this helps. I'll have to check out the Cantina for sure this year. works from your browser (laptop or mobile).

    Veetle works well too, for both Iphones and Android (there is a website and mobile app).

    Soccer TV app for Android lists the same links as

    It starts at 1130 am pst.

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    Default Re: A question about Weekend 2

    Thanks everyone! Hala Madrid!

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