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Thread: What to expect, what to bring!

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    Red face What to expect, what to bring!

    I've never been so excited in my life, its my first music festival but I'm really not sure what I should bring (besides the obvious things like clothes haha) Does anyone shower? What should I expect!?

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    baby wipes work wonders! If you're feeling lazy or if the shower line is way too long, baby wipes are the answer!

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    Assuming you're camping, this thread is pretty much the best**

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    I would add to that hydration tablets, aloe vera, and bandanas are always useful.

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    Bring a tv, refrigerator, microwave, computer, Xbox, sofa bed, chair, table, bring everything and let me borrow all ur stuff.

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    those mini rolls of charman toilet paper and seat covers truly saved me in the porto potties, especially when there wasn't toilet paper inside.
    hand sanitize too!
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