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Thread: Registering wristband guarantee authenticity?

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    Default Registering wristband guarantee authenticity?

    So I bought 2 GA tickets for weekend two though a friend of a friend of a friend sort of deal.
    The wristbands look one hundred percent authentic, and were unregistered.
    I made sure when I made the transaction I registered the wristband in front of them, and it did go through.
    Does this registration with the code on the back guarantee I have an authentic ticket?

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    Default Re: Registering wristband guarantee authenticity?

    I got mine on Stubhub and I was worried about its authenticity, too. But I registered it and everything seems to be kosher. As long as your ID# on the back of the wristband went through, you should be good to go a fake one wouldn't register.

    5 days! yay :]

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