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Thread: Gopro inside venue?

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    Default Gopro inside venue?

    Can you bring in a gopro inside? or has anyone in the past?

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    Default Re: Gopro inside venue?

    Technically no since it's a video camera but I'm sure it's happened in the past. If security catches it you will just have to walk back to your car/tent. If you took a shuttle ...

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    Default Re: Gopro inside venue?

    i see tons of people with gopros in the event. even with extensions.

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    Default Re: Gopro inside venue?

    Oh yes. It was pretty much gopro-chela. They were everywhere, it actually got kind of annoying there were so many gopros. The worst was these 3 bros who had a gopro on a stick during group love and kept putting it in people's faces while the band was performing. No one asked to be in your shitty YouTube video bro.

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    ha thanks I'll keep that in also does pretty good still shots so I like it for that, but I don't want close ups of random people so everyone is safe except my girlfriend

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