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Thread: LAX Thursday at 11am

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    Default LAX Thursday at 11am

    GF and I get into LAX Thursday 11 am. Renting good size car (maybe mini-van using my free days as a frequent renter). Will give ride for gas or beer $.

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    Hey, my friend and I are arriving at LAX at 11:45 am. Where will you be heading out- Indio, La quinta? how much are you charging for the ride?

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    we will pay for gas.

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    Headed probably to indio dont have lodging locked in. Gas and beer.

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    I think we get in at 11:45 as well.

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    Hey. I can get in around that time to...Do you still have room. All my stuff fell through so scrambling before I need to move. adventures sure are fun!

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    Kool private MSG me the details that will probably do.

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