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Thread: 60% Attendance Day 1 rumour

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    Default Re: 60% Attendance Day 1 rumour

    Quote Originally Posted by mofomofo View Post
    I doubt the 60% figure (I mean what percentage do campers count as by themselves?), but yes Fridays are lower because people are still trying to get out there.

    However, I will say the cooler weather meant more people earlier in the day than normal. Never seen the Sahara as crowded as it was for Breakbot at 2:30.

    And I would very much disagree with the idea that in general over the weekend the number in attendance was low. Plenty of overflowing tents for obvious acts like M83, but also lower profile stuff like Frank Ocean. And of course the awfulness of exiting each night. The person who mentioned missing artwork is onto something. That giant Orchid thing only appeared on Sunday and the black tubes never appeared due to wind, so that kept the fields more open.

    Fact is, 3 years ago Goldenvoice was allowed to sell 25% more tickets and they haven't looked back since, for better or worse...
    The giant orchid, late at night after Avicii and high as a kite off of edibles, was ... trippy. I could have watched it for hours.

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    Default Re: 60% Attendance Day 1 rumour

    Yeah the black tubes were cool while they were set up...hopefully they're up again on weekend 2. The giant T-Rex will be around weekend 2 also (it wasn't set up this weekend due to the weather on Friday or so I was told).

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