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Thread: Arctic Monkeys vs Dawes

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    Default Arctic Monkeys vs Dawes

    Decide for me, I can't

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    Default Re: Arctic Monkeys vs Dawes

    Arctic Monkeys for sure. Dawes are good, but Arctic Monkeys has a deeper catalog of great songs. Plus, I watched clips of their live shows at some other festivals and they were impressive.

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    Default Re: Arctic Monkeys vs Dawes

    I'd go with Dawes. One of my favorite sets of the day.

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    Default Re: Arctic Monkeys vs Dawes

    Depends. Do you want to bounce all set? If yes, then arctic monkeys. I was sad to miss dawes but hopefully someone has a video of it. The Monkeys came with bonus Josh Homme hanging with Dan Auerbach backstage and Hasselhoff in the VIP section.
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    Default Re: Arctic Monkeys vs Dawes

    Wish I'd seen Dawes but I wanted to get a good spot for Pulp, plus I got to see the last 3-4 songs of Jimmy Cliff's set which was great. Really hoping to catch them on weekend 2 webcast or find a video of the show.
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    Default Re: Arctic Monkeys vs Dawes

    Dawes was one of my fave sets all weekend and I'm not really into that kind of thing. I'm way more of an EDM fan. But something about that dude's voice and lyrics and the deranged drummer and the guitar player with the JFK pin just really got me. I cried during "A Little Bit Of Everything" but then, I also ate a lot at Coachella...
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    Default Re: Arctic Monkeys vs Dawes

    Dawes was excellent. Good songs well-executed with the right amount of sentiment and passion.

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    Default Re: Arctic Monkeys vs Dawes

    Going from Death Grips to Dawes was surreal

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    Default Re: Arctic Monkeys vs Dawes

    Arctic Monkeys anyday
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    Default Re: Arctic Monkeys vs Dawes

    That was my conundrum, too! I went with Dawes. Totally happy with my decision as they were WONDERFUL.

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    Default Re: Arctic Monkeys vs Dawes

    I'd go with Dawes...seen Arctic Monkeys twice this year and they are just not a band that impresses me...Lively, do have about 5 great tracks, but otherwise just incredibly your energy for the Hives on Sunday, who deliver almost the exact same thing with 20 times the panache.

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