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    I have a tent camping pass, but I am still confused how it is going to play out weekend 2. Is there somewhere I can park by the tent camping area? Ideally I would like to park in the tent camping area which would be close to the I can just unpack and pack tent gear from my car each night. If I cannot park there, what are some good nearby spots to park and walk from while carrying my tent gear? I didn't get a shuttle pass.

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    Tent camping comes with a parking pass - you park in the Tent Camping Parking Area, which is next to the Tent camping area. Look at the map

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    My friend gave me his tent camping pass before he left for weekend 1 but I do not have a parking pass with it. What are the chances I can show them my tent camping pass and get parking and...what are the chances they accept my tent camping pass since it did not come with the original wristbands?

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    Well, I might have the parking pass. Is the piece of paper that says, "Weekend 2 Tent Camping" it? There is also the red pentagon which I assume is the tent camping pass itself.

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