For the last 3years Ive noticed that people with VIP have always been aloud in the front of the stage , in the rose garden , and other VIP area .... I got the vip last year and had no problem So thiswe decided to get VIP and when we first got there we were told that once a again that VIP was aloud up front and same privileges as every year krill later during the day when we wanted to get upfront they told us that it changed and we weren't aloud anywhere different but the rose garden and that VIP is just a wast of $300..well we spoke to the head security of every stage, a women a customer service who was rude as all hell and others who were working and we got such mixed answers that no one seemed to jow what was going on... I was told to bad that this is how it has always been and I would have no chance getting money back or anying by customer service, I was told from the head surcurity of a few stages that for the last 3 years or so it has just changed this year and showed me a border that had VIP yes but a price of tape I it that was over the yes but changed to no for allowing people up front ....what is going on this year ?!?!? Even around 10 pm I tried to get into the rose garden and it was so backed up that no one could get in ... It took 20 min to get threw the gate to get in !? What is going on this year!!!!!