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Thread: Share our hotel room?

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    Default Share our hotel room?

    Four of us are staying at the Comfort Suites in Palm Desert. Prices are $300 a night and we need at least two people to join us to make it affordable. Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights.

    Double queen suite with pull-out sofa.

    We're four relaxed college students; we'd rather not have anything too crazy going on in our hotel room since we'll be driving in from texas and won't have much of patience left by the time we get there and watch a full day of music.

    I'm not sure when I'll be getting on the mb again, but you can myspace me or AIM me (FearKiwano).
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    Default Update: Share our hotel room?

    If anyone still needs a place to stay, we still have room for one maybe two more if you want to sleep on the floor... We're not trying to make a profit off of anyone, and would still love to help a person or two out if we can. If we get one more person, it will be about 50 dollars a night (Friday, Saturday, Sunday); if two more, about 43.

    Same contact info; you can also PM me here since it sends me an email to let me know.

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    hi dude, id be keen as, im a 24 year old kiwi traveling the world with a ticket and no where to live or a way of getting there haha

    let me know,

    cel: +6421535383

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    Default Re: Share our hotel room?

    We're full up (lots of quick responses) sorry guys, best of luck (I couldn't figure out how to delete a thread since I'm a couple drinks in, sorry about that, and any mods who want to delete it have my blessing.

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