Had to purchase a shuttle pass with my ticket but I do not need it. This is cheaper than what the shuttle pass costs. It upped my ticket price by about $50.
These are hard cards (shape/ size of credit card) and completely transferable. PM me if interested email addy

From the email they sent me:

You will be riding from the Indian Wells Tennis Garden located at 78200 Miles Ave, Indian Wells, CA - see map. When you pull into the Tennis Garden you will be directed to available parking areas. The shuttle stops will be at 20x20 tents with "Shuttle Stop" signs on them, you can ride the shuttle to the festival from any of these stops.
You will be dropped off at the festival at Lot 2. When you are ready to leave the festival and go back to the hotel, proceed back to Lot 2. Look for the Blue Zone 6 Tennis Garden Line flag (pictured to the right) and queue up for your ride. See the festival grounds map below or download the pdf here.
Shuttles will run continuously from 11am until 60 minutes after the music ends each night.