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Thread: Canopies with metal/aluminum poles

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    Default Canopies with metal/aluminum poles

    I will be attending weekend 2 and I am very concerned about the “metal pole” situation. The poles on my canopy are like a hollow metal/aluminum type. Will those be allowed? If not, how am I suppose have shade for the weekend? I do understand that I need to bring plastic stakes.

    Thank you,

    Goldenvoice/Coachella: metal poles will be confiscated.

    This sucks because I just bought a brand new canopy yesterday : (

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    Default Re: Canopies with metal/aluminum poles

    I don't think they are confiscating one piece canopies like

    I know I nixed my plans for bringing a PVC canopy..lame shit indeed

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    Default Re: Canopies with metal/aluminum poles

    Now I know why this Polish Metal band will never play Coachella.

    On the serious note, every year there are 1000+ EZ Up Canopies...made with.............................................. metal (aluminum) poles. What gives?
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    Default Re: Canopies with metal/aluminum poles

    I sent an email to

    Me : I have a canopy that has individual metal poles. Is there any reason they wouldn’t be allowed in?


    Them: dont see why not

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    Default Re: Canopies with metal/aluminum poles

    So some people are being told NO to metal poles and StrangerDanger was told it wasn't a problem............Hopefully some weekend 1 people will let us know! I'm planning on hella pimping out my canopy this weekend and I don't want it confiscated. Not to mention it's what me and my friends are all planning on sleeping under!

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    Default Re: Canopies with metal/aluminum poles

    For every one person who posts about something strange happening there are hundreds or thousands of people who had no issues whatsoever. There will be tents and canopies and teepees all over the place. It's camping. Happens every year.

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    Default Re: Canopies with metal/aluminum poles

    I just noticed most of the latest "stakes" threads are made by people new to the forum, So I'm calling BS, maybe a few were true but most must be people trying to screw with us reading the forum attending W2

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