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Thread: 2nd weekend, looking for a place to sleep

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    Default 2nd weekend, looking for a place to sleep

    I just got tickets as a gift and will be visiting the second weekend with my gf (Saturday/Sunday).
    So since all the hotels seem to be booked out, camping is booked out and you can't just sleep in your car on the street, what are the options left to find a crash space?
    I'm looking for something for one night close to Coachella.

    Any recommendations?

    P.S. Please don't write if you want to offer one of these weird brand new awesome houses and you are a real estate agent or something as fishy.

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    Default Re: 2nd weekend, looking for a place to sleep

    Check your private messages

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    Default Re: 2nd weekend, looking for a place to sleep

    We have a room in our house in La Quinta. We are 6 miles from fest. It is our family home and we are just trying to put together a little $ while helping out too. The bed is a double with a hallway bath. We have been posting so there may be other people on couch or in motor home in our driveway. All very last minute. $200 for one night. pm me if you think this would work.

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    Default Re: 2nd weekend, looking for a place to sleep

    I don't have a place to stay either. If anyone knows about anything please message me (it's me plus a friend)

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    Default Re: 2nd weekend, looking for a place to sleep

    Coachella Weekend 2 Condo bedroom for rent - $500 (PGA West Coachella)

    We have a recent drop out in our group which leads us to have an opening in our amazing condo. Great mix of people. Must be over 30 years old. Bike ride door to gate is 3 miles. Bed room open is a queen bed or 2 twin beds. You take your pick. 3 bedroom condo with pool access on golf course PGA west. $500 per room or $700 for the master with a king bed and a private bath. 2 people per room max. Fresh fruit and fruit juiced for breakfast daily included. Thursday through Sunday nights. Don't pass this up! We party!

    Text 760 550 2210

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