Hey guys,

I'm a 27 year old male looking for a ride down to Coachella from Calgary! I was supposed to go with some friends but they bailed so now I'm on my own! I would prefer to leave earlier in the week and maybe do a day or something in Vegas or something on the way down. I'm pretty open to whatever though so even if you're not leaving early and can still offer a ride then please contact me. I'm also willing to stay later if you are wanting to do some sight seeing or whatever, there was some talk about maybe seeing Game 6 of the Canucks/Kings series...

I'm really laid back, know how to party and would prefer a fun group of people to party the weekend with. I don't have a camping pass so I guess someone with a camping pass would be preffered or a group that wants to share a house or whatever.

I like all sorts of different music including Rock, Alt, Electro, House, Trance, Hip Hop, Rap, etc.

I'll obviously pitch for gas and stuff, feel free to msg me if you have some room for me!

P.S. I also have an extra pass as well if anyone is in need of one!